About AAZP

About AAZP

Arignar Anna Zoological Park is one of the modern and scientifically managed Zoos of the Country with 259 full time staff and additional contract workers. This Zoological Park is the pride of the Tamil Nadu. It has attained excellence in the Conservatory Breeding Programme for endangered species and also in the field of Zoo education by creating awareness about the conservation of natural resources. The functions carried out in the Zoo include animal welfare, commissary (store), transport, research, education and awareness, veterinary, horticulture, security and sanitation and Zoo administration. The Zoo has a well-equipped Zoo kitchen, Zoo hospital and quarantine area facility. A Zoo school was opened in the year 1998 for the teachers, students and general public where regular Zoo education and conservation programmes are conducted. The Zoo has adequate number of battery operated vehicles and road trains to transport visitors to the animal area through the network of internal roads. Several service roads have been laid for serving the animal enclosures.

Number Of Animal Houses

89 NOS

Zoo Holiday

Every Tuesday

Zoo Timing

9.00 am to 6.00 pm


602 hectares


Vandalur RF,Kanchipuram District


Vision of the Zoo


The Vision of AAZP is to have environmentally sensitive people who care for the wild fauna and flora and conserve it for long term welfare of mankind.

Mission of the Zoo

  • 1. Conservation of the fauna of Eastern and Western Ghats with special reference to LTM, Nilgiri Langur, Gaur and small mammals.
  • 2. To provide to all the animals housed in the Zoo highest standards of housing, upkeepand health care.
  • 3. To provide the Zoo visitors opportunities for getting an uninterrupted view of wild animals to develop an empathy towards them
  • 4. To carryout research on different aspects of biology, behaviour and genetic makeup of endangered species of wild animals and facilitate their breeding
  • 5. To provide requisite housing, upkeep and health care to the distressed animals rescued from various source.

Strategy for achieving the mission of the Zoo

  • 1. To maintain viable population of various species housed at the Zoo through appropriate nutrition, housing, health care and behavioural management.
  • 2 .Thematic display of healthy and active animals in naturalistic enclosures and facilitate the visitors to appreciate and understand the ecological linkages of nature though use of appropriate signage and interpretation facilities.
  • 3. To provide the Zoo visitors an hastle free stay in secure environment and conduct them in the Zoo in such a manner that their visit to the Zoo becomes rewarding.
  • 4. To upgrade the technical knowhow and the professional efficiency of the Zoo personnel at all levels to implement the aforesaid strategy successful.


  • 1. Ex-situ conservation and propagation of the fauna of Western and Eastern Ghats.
  • 2. Initiate captive breeding programme for endangered species in accordance with the protocol for rehabilitation of this species in the wild if necessary.
  • 3. Promote Zoo as center of conservation awareness by organizing wild life education and interpretation programme to elicit broad based public support from different sections of society and enhance public awareness for wild life.
  • 4. Provide opportunity to conduct scientific studies on the fauna to enhance our knowledge on animal behavior, its biology, ecology etc., so as to aid in scientific management of the Zoo and conservation of wildlife.
  • 5. To provide facility for health care and rehabilitation of rescued animals.