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Zoo Club

  • Zoo Club welcomes people from all walks of life to become club members and volunteers to involve in voluntary services for the welfare of zoo and zoo animals.
  • The zoo club has four different categories, in which students, teachers, parents, professionals, corporate's, content makers, photographers, videographers, artists, etc. who are 15 years & above of age can join the club and participate in all or any categories of voluntary activities.

1. Volunteering Service

  • The first category of Zoo Club is "Volunteering Service".
  • It presents an amazing opportunity for the members of the zoo club to take part in various voluntary service activities such as screening for plastics, campus cleaning, navigating the visitors, setting up a helpdesk on crowded days and supporting the zoo staff in managing the crowd on public holidays.

2. Zoo Education

  • "Zoo Education" is the second category of the Zoo Club.
  • Zoo Education allows the club members to engage in zoo events and educate & guide the visitors inside the zoo campus.
  • The team also may come up with innovative ideas to increase awareness about conservation.

3. Wildlife Conservation Promotion Team

  • The third category of the Zoo Club is the "Wildlife Conservation Promotion Team".
  • By becoming a part of this promotion team, the members of the zoo club can participate in the creation of promotions for the zoo through videos, photos or any other medium of art.

4. Our Supportive Pillars

  • "Our Supportive Pillars" is the fourth category of the Zoo Club.
  • Animal Adoption and Corporate Social Responsibility activities are the strong pillars that support the zoo in several ways for development, conservation and animal welfare.
  • As a Zoo Club member, individuals can spread awareness about the animal adoption programmes and bring in adopters and aid wildlife conservation through the initiation of many CSR activities at the zoo.



By Joining AAZP as a Volunteer, You'll play an important role in educating and engaging our Park visitors on Wildlife and Nature Conservation.