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Educational Programs

Zoo Education Programme

The Zoological Park is a one stop place where people get exposed to different facets of nature and learn about the animal Identification, distribution, characteristic features, Behavior, habitat, adaptation and many more interesting facts. Zoo School provides hands-on education and training programmes to the people and make them contribute to achieve stable sustainable ecosystem in the planet.

Zoo outreach Programme

Zoo outreach programme aims to promote by extending and taking zoo education to reach the people in rural, sub urban and distant areas. Several Educational awareness programmes like lectures series, dedicated camps and workshops is organised . Subject matter experts actively involve themselves in conducting Zoo outreach programme by taking importance of Zoo to wide range of people.

Zoo Ambassador Programme

Zoo Ambassador is a first of its kind programme initiated at AAZP in the year 2018. It is one of the most favorite camps amongst the children. It was conducted as summer camp (April and May month) and winter camp (December month). A Special One Day Zoo Ambassador programme is also conducted regularly for Government School students at free of charge. Zoo Ambassador programme is an excellent interactive module on field knowledge transfer programme mentored by the field experts. This programme is conducted throughout the year. The students are provided with educational kits. In this programme, students get exposed to discover the science of animal kingdom in separate sessions on Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Fishes and Butterflies handled by the Zoo Veterinarians and Bilogists. At end of the programme, trained students are titled as "Zoo Ambassadors of Vandalur Zoo" with certificate, badge and Zoo passport which includes 10 free Zoo visits to Zoo up to a period of 1 year. The Zoo Ambassadors will involve themselves by sharing the knowledge gained through this programme with their family, friends and school members and carry the message of conservation. So far more than 1500 students are trained and titled as “ Zoo Ambassador of Vandalur Zoo”

Virtual Zoo Ambassador Programme.

During the lockdown period (due to Covid 19) as first of its kind initiatives zoo ambassador programme was conducted through virtual medium. The zoo took initiatives to make the lockdown period as the right time for the children to learn more about animals through virtual means, making Arignar Anna Zoological Park as the first zoo in the country to take up this pioneering initiative. More than 1500 students aged between 10 to 20 years were benefitted in the two seasons of virtual zoo ambassador programme. The programme was conducted through online medium and the recorded sessions are available in the zoo’s YouTube channel for future reference. Daily assignments were given to the participants so as to engage the children and to make them engaged in learning more about animals.

Zoo Orientation for visiting schools

Arignar Anna Zoological Park is one of the most famous destination for education field trip in the city. A special dedicated orientation session is conducted regularly. In the orientation session, students along with the teachers are sensitized on the importance of wild animals, role and function of zoos and the importance of conservation of wild animals & natural resources. Schools can pre book the zoo orientation programme in advance by Emailing the details to Zooschool.

Zoo In-house training

Special Zoo In- house trainings are conducted for Government officers, probationary trainees, professionals, forest department officials from TamilNadu and other states, animal keepers and other staff all over the year. Zoo In-house training provides great platform for the trainees to understand and enhance their skills and knowledge in the broad spectrum of zoological parks, forest and conservation education.

Special themed Workshops

Special themed workshop focusing on the wildlife and conservation of natural resources is conducted regularly. Workshops are mentored by the professional field experts. Workshops on Wildlife photography, Birds and Bird identification, bird painting was conducted during the year 2019.

Certificate course on Green skill development programme.

In the year 2019, Certificate course on Bird Identification and Basic Ornithology was conducted by Arignar Anna Zoological Park, Zoo School under the Green Skill Development Programme (GSDP) coordination with Department of Environment and sponsored by Ministry of Environment, forest and Climate Changes. This course provides an opportunity for the school drop outs, graduates to develop their skills and to enhance their knowledge in bird identification and basic ornithology.

Zoo Club

Zoo club encourages voluntary service activities by school & college students, corporates and employees to take part in the assigned voluntary service activities like cleaning the campus, assisting the Zoo visitors, screening of plastics and getting involved in various other Zoo activities. Volunteers regularly render their service during the holidays, weekend and festival days.

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