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Rescue and Rehabilitation

AAZP, Vandalur with full-fledged veterinary facilities provides an excellent sojourn for the abandoned / rescued / strayed wild animals as described below:-

1. A four month old female Royal Bengal tiger cub, abandoned by her mother was rescued from Sathyamanagalam forests and brought to the zoo for hand rearing on 24.02.2014.

2. A pair of Otter puppies abandoned by their mother at Hogenakkal were rescued and brought to the zoo for hand rearing. Later, they were shifted to otter exhibit for public display.

3. Five wild piglets were rescued from Vellore forest area and brought to the zoo for hand rearing.

4. Five ostrich chicks were in danger of getting trampled by parents and timely action was taken to separate them from the parents and put on hand rearing at the zoo.

5. One pangolin rescued from Chengalpet forest was put on hand rearing and released in the wild.

6. Eight young fawns of spotted deer rescued from the jackals’ attack were also put on hand rearing.

7. A hill myna rescued from Coimbatore was brought to the zoo veterinary hospital for handrearing.

8. Sulphur-crested cockatoo rescued from Chennai city was brought to the zoo veterinary hospital for handrearing.

9. A blue and golden macaw, rescued from a pet shop was brought to the zoo veterinary hospital for handrearing.

10.Iifteen infants of bonnet macaques have been successfully handreared in the zoo veterinary hospital and released back into the wild.

11. Chicks of Parakeets rescued from Villupuram Division and rehabilitated.

12. 10 Nos. of monitor lizards which have been rescued from the poachers in Hosur have been received and rehabilitated in reptile house in Arignar Anna Zoological Park, Vandalur. All the monitor lizards except one have survived. The monitor lizards are displayed to visitors.

13. 40 Nos. little Cormorants rescued from Chennai and housed in Zoo.

14. A man-eater male panther rescued from Thimbam, Sathyamangalam and rehabilitated in Zoo.

15. A backbone fractured panther cub rescued from Valparai and housed in Zoo.

16. A male panther cub of one year old which got severely injured in a snare trap in Lovedale, Ooty has been brought to zoo Veterinary Hospital on 06.03.2016. Necessary surgical procedure and other treatments have been provided by drawing the experts from Madras Veterinary College, Veperi along with our Zoo Vets. The panther cub has been fully treated and the animal is showing complete recovery.

17. An electrocuted bonnet macaque with second degree burns, rescued by Blue Cross has been handed over to Zoo. It has been treated and housed in Zoo.

18. An injured Indian vulture has been rescued from Thiruvallur Division and treated and housed.

19. Two serpent eagles have been rescued and housed.

20. A Salt water crocodile entangled in fishing net has been rescued from ECR Fishermen colony and housed in the Zoo.

21. Common kites and Black kites rescued from various parts of the city have been rehabilitated in the Zoo.