• Adhering to the Government's implementation & Execution of the rescue and rehabilitation of specified five animals
  • Tigers, Lion, Panther, Bears and Monkeys are under this scheme
  • Food habits, health, hygiene and biological needs of animals are taken care of by specially appointed veterinarians.
  • Administered by Central Zoo Authority.

A Rescue center in Arignar Anna Zoological Park was planned for housing the rescued and injured animals during the year 2000-2001. The paddock areas and animal cells are being cleaned daily. Repairing of ropes, Chain links, and paintings are being carried out in a periodic manner. Seven kg of beef along with 150 grams of liver for each is being provided to Lions and Tigers housed at the Rescue center. The health and hygiene of animals are being attended to by a full-time veterinarian and a Forester appointed especially for rescued animals. The total expenditure of maintaining the rescue center is being met by Central Zoo Authority.

The Park is the coordinating Zoo in the breeding of Lion -Tailed Macaque and Nilgiri Langur and Participating Zoo in the breeding of Tigers, Indian Gaur, Indian Giant squirrels & Wild dogs as recognized by the Central Zoo Authority. The park excels in the captive breeding of Indigenous animals (Wild Ass, Grey wolf, Gharial, etc.) & Exotic animals (Hippopotamus, Ostrich, Blue Gold Macaw & others)